Re: To a certain JAMES. for clearence.

Well Mogyothwar,

On which side you are is your choice and your own responsibility only
for which you have to account once. I'll make the options somewhat
more clear to you. The difference between the alternatives is
fundamental and essential. Until now your choice clearly is killing,
killing the opponents, just like the junta does; my choice is no
killing at all, neither the opposition, nor the junta. I only want an
end to the reign of the generals, to stop the killing and the
repression. So it is killing versus no killing; what do you choose?
Whose side are you on? What is good and what is bad or evil in the
absolute sense? Is that a matter of taste, gradual differences, like
between red and orange? What will be your choice? Think about it, you
don't need to tell me, but decide for yourself what you want. It's all
your own responsibility.

As said I want the generals to leave. A totalitarian dictatorship is
not better than being colonized. I do not want another foreign
(manipulating) government instead, but I want to give the Burmese
people the opportunity to do it by themselves as they desire in a
completely free atmosphere. I thought I had been quite clear about

Don't patronize and flame me. It is a sign of weakness, insufficient
capability to argue substantially.

James Russell Brownwood


On May 12, 12:26, mogyothwar <ziza...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On May 12, 10:46�am, James <James.Russell.Brownw...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


So James,

Thanking for your contributions. If you decide to come in in
these discussions is your own right. You cannot say I am wrong I can
not say you are wrong eyher. As far as the rights are concerned.

To answer you, some body has to be on the wrong side. That is
what is all about isn't it? You have no power . you have no sttrength
and you have no means and ways to have all, on the right side, or all
on the wrong side, do you? What you are saying is rubish to me.
Because I can see the same way, and say you are James on the wrong

Myanmar according to you is manipulated by Myanma Military. Woo
do you want to manipulate Myanmar? Americans, British ? Myanmars
has been manipulated by them . if you can remember. That is if you
have any brain to remember which store the memory. .

I rather have my country manipulated by my own people then
foreigners. Myanmar has bitter experiences. Myanmar saw with their
very own eyes that many others are manipulated or being manipulated by
those countries in the west.

That is if you really know the meaning of " Manipulation " .

Don't try and teach your grand father how to suck egg, James. If you
have something to say say it. I am not born yesterday.

There will always be differences whether you like it or not.



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