Re: Mot-Hin-Ga

This is a very interesting subject. It has to be discussed further.
It reflects the Burmese way of life, tridation, custom and cultures.
Not to forget that rice is the stable food of the Burmese,
Rice in any form. Even the Burmese desserts ( sweets), Mont Lon Yey
Baw, Mont Kyer Say. Mont Ohn Nhaut. Mont Kye The, are some of them.

I may be an ignorent for I have never heard of Mont Hin Gar made with
chicken, let alone taste it. I can not augue against some one who said
in Monya, Mont Hin Gar means some thing else.

Burmese traditional food,are prepared mostly by estimated measures,
weight not by oz, tea spoon or table spoon measures.

Burmese triditional food how healthy are they? How much nutricious are
they? How oganic are they? These are good questions.

Burmese are having these food before we are born or before our grand
parents were born, centuries by centuries ago, if I may say.

This particular dish Mon Hin Gar is preapared base on which part of
Burma and who prepared it. Is it a Bamar, or a Yakhine or a Kayin the
one who prepares.

Not even basic ingredients may not be the same
The basic ingredients to make a STANDARD, Mont Hin Gar soup are; fish
Ngar Khu or Nga Jee or any other fish such as Nga Tha Laut ( Hilsa ) or
Nga Shint ( eel ).

There are many Naing Gan Daw Shwe Da Seik Ya ( golden medal awarded by
the government ) Mont Hin Gar makers in Burma They are for STANDARD
mont Hin Gar.

Ohn No Khaut Swe (coconut rice noodle) that every body knows is made
with chicken, gram doll powder ( Pe Mhont ) and coconut cream.

But there is another one called " Shwe Daung Khauk Swe" similar to
Coconut noodle but with no soup. It is egg noodle prepared like
Mandalay Mont Dee or Nan Gyi with cooked minced chicken in coconut
cream without gram doll ( Pe Mhont ) powder.

Ginger, Garlic , Lemon grass.Tumeric, ground Red Chiily, onion Chopped
) , pepper corn ( Whole) .
Roaster rice powder, Semolina, ground peanut, Ngan Pya Yey and Banana
stem and chalots.

You may notice that there is no " salt" because Ngan Pya Yey ( fish
sause ) already has plenty of salt in it.

All these ingredients are made into Mont Hin Gar soup to go with Mont
Hin Gar ( rice vermiselle )

On top, springle with Nan Nan Bin ( coriander leaves ) not to forget
Cee Jet , the oil made with chopped garlic, ginger and onion and a bit
of tumeric crispy fried

Pe Gyaw, Boo thee Nga Bon Gyaw or any Bayar Gyaw, Nga Phe Gyaw will go
with it very well and boiled egg if you prefer.

" To your taste" is the word.