Rohingyas Question!

One principle must and has been absolute for the people of Myanmar: we
must be honest, decent, loyal to members of our own blood and to no one
else. What happens to these so called Rohingyas are a matter of utter
indifference to us.

Whether these Bengulis live in comfort or perish in hunger should
interest us only in so far as we need them as slaves for our culture.
We shall never be rough or heartless where it is not necessary; that is
clear. We, Myanmars, who are the only people in the world who have a
decent attitude towards animals, will also adopt a decent attitude
towards these Begulis who are human animals, but it is a crime against
our own blood to worry about them and to bring them ideals.

Here is a fine example of how a good beguli could turn into a nasty
kalar when he has been given equal rights and opportunities as
Myanmars, living on our lands and making the mockery of the institution
that has allow him to shelter his pathetic life and let him be part of
our community in Arakhan state. Although their ignorant and narrow
minded intentions are obvious, some people would insist that these
decent begnulis are fighting for democracy and freedom shoulder to
shoulder with other Myanmar ethnic minorities, but there are 50
millions Myanmars living around the world and in our fatherland, and
each one has their own decent beguli, ofcourse others are swine, but
this one, he's a first-class beguli, a kalar dain. To give such rights
and liberties to these sub-humans are crimes, crime against our people,
crime against the state and crime against our father land. Today we
eliminate one kalar dain, tomorrow we shall eliminate more kalar dains,
and pretty soon we shall rid of all these ungrateful human animals off
our land.

We had a moral right, we had the duty towards our people and our father
land to destroy these kalars who wants to breed like rats and infect us
with their pathetic idealogies. No Myanmar should ever stand by and
watch while even a small rotten spot such as "Rohingyas" land to
develop or takes hold in Arakhan state. Wherever it may form we will
together burn it down to ashes.... But altogether we can say, We have
carried out this most nasty task of removing human animals from our
land, Myanmar, for the love of our people and we have taken on no
defect within us, in our soul, in our character or in our counrty as a



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