EU Data Privacy, Financial Transaction Tax, Rating Agencies errors or fraud ? "Fast & Furious" lies

Dear EU Commissioner Reding : 1 ) Thanks for your Proposals on Private
Data , good ! *
About Google , I have been using it for years ( and Usenet with it )
and never had to give one bit of private data, none so far.
2 ) on Credit Rating Agencies , please read the article below that
asks why the biggest Rating Agencies took months to raise warnings
about MF Global speculating on EU debt while at the same time they
were downgrading EU debt at critical times ? why ? collusion ? fraud ?
organized speculation and shorts ? and there still are 1.2 billion
dollars missing from MF Global accounts....

Lax Oversight Blamed in Demise of MF Global , By B. PROTESS and A.
AHMED , February 2, 2012,

.....Lawmakers also criticized the rating agencies for their slow
response to the company’s European positions. For example, S.&P. did
not downgrade MF Global to junk status until the day of its
bankruptcy. Richard Cantor, chief credit officer for Moody’s, said his
company did not act sooner because MF Global was not forthcoming about
its exposure to European bonds until October......

3 ) The best to you all working with the USA Congress and other
countries in a smart Financial Transaction Tax , a small 0.01 % to 0.1
% , and to cover the massive abuses , fraud and waste done in the
Derivatives and Housing markets leading to the 2008 Financial
Disaster, and on this U.S. Representative Van Hollen, D - MD and many
others , , have been fighting for a long
time to implement this small but smart Financial Transaction Tax :

a ) A modern Pecora Commission could right
Wall Street wrongs , By B. Ritholtz, January 28, 2012

.....Despite rampant illegalities, bank fraud and countless cases of
perjury, the response to date — at the federal level and from most,
but not all, states — has been underwhelming, cowardly

b ) S.E.C. Is Avoiding Tough Sanctions for
Large Banks , By E. WYATT
, February 3, 2012

......An analysis by The New York Times of S.E.C. investigations over
the last decade found nearly 350 instances where the agency has given
big Wall Street institutions and other financial companies a pass on
those or other sanctions. Those instances also include waivers
permitting firms to underwrite certain stock and bond sales and manage
mutual fund portfolios. .....

c ) Freddie Mac Halts Use of Derivatives Tied to
High Interest Rates

can we pinpoint anyone else doing some of these "inverse floaters " ?

Dear Commissioner Reding : The World needs new smart and light
regulation that helps create new Jobs and new businesses , and not
more organized fraud that benefits only a few executives and
speculators, good luck to all of you !

4 ) The U.S. House Oversight Committee , on 2.2.2012 , conducted a
Hearing on "Federal Gun Smuggling Sting Operation " , , where Congress
confirmed , again, that 2 members of the DoJ, Jason Weinstein and
Lenny Breuer, knew about "Wide Receiver" and " Fast & Furious" , 2
operations that send thousands of weapons into Mexico from the USA and
to the hands of criminals and dope dealers, etc., and even when
Senator Feinstein insisted that they could not get fired, many US
Congress Members of the 2 parties and Law Enforcement members are
asking : why are these 2 still there ? and the answer is here:

EXCLUSIVE: Senator’s husband’s firm cashes in on crisis , By Chuck
Neubauer, 4.21.2009

On the day the new Congress convened this year, Sen. Dianne Feinstein
introduced legislation to route $25 billion in taxpayer money to a
government agency that had just awarded her husband’s real estate firm
a lucrative contract to sell foreclosed properties at compensation
rates higher than the industry norms. .....

5 ) and because most of the media is controlled by rackets like
these :

a ) Email alert to Murdoch was deleted from server

b ) Leveson inquiry: Lord Black, Ed Richards,
Colette Bowe appear

......a key June 2008 email from then News of the World editor Colin
Myler to James Murdoch was deleted by a member of News International's
IT department in January 2011 and not recovered until the end of last
The 7 June 2008 email from Myler included an account of the case being
brought against the News of the World by the Professional Footballers'
Association boss Gordon Taylor over the hacking of his voicemail.
The email chain appears to contradict Murdoch's insistence that he was
not briefed in detail on the case which was later settled for more
than £700,000......

And this kind of organized abuse and corruption can never again happen
in the EU, the USA or anywhere else, that's the objective, that's the
Rule of Law, so we all hope you can work together with the USA and
other countries, and thanks to you all.

Congress Insider Trading- STOCK ACT, PIPA-SOPA against the Web,
neocon speculators

* news stories on the proposed Privacy Framework by Viviane Reding ,
EU Commissioner :

EU overhauling data-privacy policies to protect consumers

EU data protection framework: is it good news for business?