Re: Mais uma ofensiva contra a liberdade do Software Livre no Brasil

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Tech-rights... hmm... mesmo a tecnologia tem left/right, monsieur

Shadow, can you please cast a bit of light on this 'shadowy' subject
for me? Non capisco molto... :-)

        These are official microsoft/sao paulo government
announcements, very dificult to deny:

Then, after his meetings from 2008, surprisingly, every state which
the government is from the rival party of the president Lula is making
educational deals with Microsoft.

São Paulo, in 2008, then Amazonas, Piaui, Pará, Goiás , Paraíba e now,
Rio Grande do Sul.

The counter attack on Linux is being done in the states, not at
federal level, where the government is pushing Linux very strongly.
And so, they try to undo the actions of the federal government, they
try to water down the interest in Linux, with bribery and job

My comments:
        Lula did not accept Microsoft's bribes. Serra and Kassab most
certainly did, and in exchange of "millions of free hotmail email
accounts for the suffering Brazilian children" signed
multi-millionaire contracts with microsoft.

        Although they tried, they never managed to adopt windows as
the OS of the free internet "Telecentros". These still run an old
version of Suse Linux (I think it's Suse). Viruses wiped out any
attempts microsoft made to monopolize them.
        All of sao paulo's government agencies have gone back to
windows, even though the linux alternative is free, and the law here
says that free software should be used unless there is no alternative.

Grazie. Grazie molto.
Looking back to Exodus 19, we see that the Hebrew people had escaped
from slavery in Egypt...
Entao Microsoft pegou a pedra e com a funda atirou-a a testa de Linux
e assim Microsoft foi feito o rei dos judeus.