Re: Presidential elections in Russia - votes are counted!

24.09.2011 16:39, J. Anderson kirjoitti:

"vello" <vellokala@xxxxxx> wrote in message

For now winner is clear - it is Mr Putin. He gets 100% support from
electorate - all two persons who's votes are real in modern Russia
voted for Putin.

btw, as from Mr Medvedev, real elections were held in fact years
behind - when Putin allows Medvedev to play president role till 2012.

For those who don't have legal possibility to vote, afterparty will be
organized next year where they may hail the winner.

I salute the decision by raising my middle finger. What a comedy we
have next door!

Our local Kokoomus (NCP), and their sent representative in former
foreign minister Ilkka Kanerva, find it purposeful to see all the
trouble to watch this comedy live. After all United Russia is sort of
National Coalition Party's (Kokoomus) sister party, you know.

Blessed is the 22nd of October 1921. That's the day when my grandparents
abandoned the bardak.

According to our own Prime Minister the country of Russia and the
Russian democracy is doing just fine.


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