Re: Catalonia votes to ban bullfighting

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Hunting is disgusting, killing animals for fun is almost as
sick as killing humans.

I couldn't agree more.

The argument here is that shooting sports (with heavier guns) are
Olympic class sports.

Well, in my view, this status doesn't give this sport any credibility

I consider that in a truly civilised country most people would live
all their lives without seeing a gun, and would have no desire to.
Shooting is not a "sport" in my view and I think it should be dropped
from the Olympics.  And hunting should be totally banned everywhere..
(If there is a genuine need to cull some animals, let the Army do it,
under the watchful eye of the Dept of the Environment.)

So the taxpayers ought to foot the bill for culling the animals, by
having the army do it (in the meantime losing their time from

In case of US you have mentioned above, they could "lose their time"
from killing people in Asia.

No, they wouldn't lose their time from that. Besides, US is out of
Iraq, it's only in Afghanistan now - a legitimate war.

I forgot - you think Taliban had no responsiblity for Al Queda and/or
Al Queda was not responsible for 9-11. A conspiracy theorist.

Was it something like trillion US dollars
spent on Iraq war?  The other way would be to introduce wolves back to
their original habitat; they would kill the dear for free.

....and livestock, and once in a while people too.



rather than have volunteers do so for free (indeed - they
actually pay the government in terms of licenses for the right to


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