Re: the difference between Latvia and Lithuania

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This is like an Indian or a Paki pharmacist refusing to speak English
to foreign customers because India “is no longer part of the British

Well, no. English is special case. I'm not too sure young indonesians
are fluent in Dutch novadays. In Estonia, Russian as foreign language
is competing with Spanish and German about third language of choice
after English and French. But ordinary boys and girls not planning
international career are happy if they can speak at least one foreign
language - and it is for 99,9% english. No xenophobia (young people
don't know too much about soviet time), just matter of things.

The Indonesian attitude to Dutch is a good comparison, Vello. Why
should the Baltic attitude to Russian be any different? (By the way,
when Indonesia became independent, 99% of the Dutch pissed off: about
half to Holland and half to Australia.)