Re: the difference between Latvia and Lithuania

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At my local supermarket in Kaunas, I have been waiting to hear even
one word spoken in Russian.  (Swearing by Lithuanians doesn't
count! :-)  I'm still waiting.  But today in the pharmacy attached to
the supermarket, I heard the Lithuanian pharmacists explain ever so
politely and calmly to a Russian lady why she was not willing to serve
her in Russian.  She said, gently, (did I stress the gently?) that the
reason is because Lithuania is not part of Russia and there is no more
USSR and she is no longer obliged to speak Russian to anyone.

This is like an Indian or a Paki pharmacist refusing to speak English
to foreign customers because India “is no longer part of the British

Nonsense. Russian is not English. The Russian woman would have done
a lot better if she had tried English. That's life. Wheel of
fortune. English up, Russian down.

Remember that if, say, an elderly Ukrainian, Estonian,
Georgian, Armenian, Tadjik, Turkmen, Azeri, Bulgarian, etc. tourist
needed to communicate with local Lithuanians - Russian would be their
only choice.

Well, there is an English-speaking hospital in Vilnius. Maybe the
russkies should establish one too?

At the best, this pharmacist's attitude is xenophobic and rude to

Crap. How many Yankee pharmacists can serve their customers in
another language?