Re: New pipeline trouble between Russia and Estonia

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According to a news item (circulated by STT/BNS/DPA), Estonian and
Russian border authorities have detected and removed a hose-pipe that
connected Ivangorod and Narva and had been used for pumping vodka from
Russia to Estonia. This is not the first time such a pipeline has been

Let us hope that the Russian economy recovers from this set-back.

That is even worst news for Estonian economy - Finnish cheap booze
tourism will drop like a rock.


You can't get the point - Estonian terminal of that pipeline will be
in Tallinn passanger harbour - price difference had fallen too low to
attract vodka tourists, but pipeline must bring them back again.

lol, it's hilarious that none of you guys are questioning if it's true or not. that says alot :)

I do not know about Vello but who I am to question cultural traditions, mind boggling inventiveness and most cherished dreams of my ancestral land?

It's true allright, why shouldn't it be -- when alcohol is in the picture, people up here are incredibly inventive and entrepreneurial. This would have been a great idea during the prohibition: a tequila pipeline from Mexico!