Re: They're at it again

J. Anderson wrote:
Dmitry wrote:

On 2 Nov, 19:10, Vladimir Makarenko <makar...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

MTRP™ wrote:

J. Anderson wrote:

Russia's school children have this autumn been blessed with a new
history book, [flush]I

LOL³. No Russia, no SCB. Right, Johnny?

He reminds a senior citizen with a problems of updating information
stream - this "new" history book is at least 4 years old. I wonder who
is going to break a news to him that it is year 2007.


Has this book been replaced yet?

Hmmm, now whom should we trust, V. Makarenko or the Helsingin Sanomat of Thursday, 1 November 2007?

Cannot proceed without cheap shakespearian theatrics as if you do not know the answer:

According to HS, the book was published this autumn. VM says it's 4 years old.

Either the HS Moscow correspondent (Susanna Niinivaara) is feeding her paper old news, or VM is lying. In either case, I'm innocent :-)

You are just brainwashed by your local "pravda". Which is hardly a news.

But the sad truth is that the book is in use.

And this is a good news.