Re: Move to mother Russia?

Many people in Latvia would like to move to the Kaliningrad region,
Katkov said.

Despite Katkov's sayings, most move to Ireland and UK.

Young educated people who want to open their own business
account for the biggest share of potential residents. As many as 109
families have been preparing documents in the framework of a state
Program of Resettlement of Compatriots, and around 500 are on waiting
list. The number of those who wish to move to the Kaliningrad region
might grow given a better opportunity of housing in the Kaliningrad
region, Katkov said.

Wow, waiting list to move to Kaliningrad.

Latvian businessmen suggested that every family moving to Russia might
lease their houses in Latvia and used the money raised to pay off
credits borrowed at Latvian banks for purchase of housing. Latvian
construction companies want to build several compounds in the
Kaliningrad region, employing construction workers from Kaliningrad
construction companies.
A first group of people resettled from Latvia arrived in the Kaliningrad
region last week. The Kaliningrad region is planning to accommodate
around 300,000 compatriots in the following five years.

Increase population by 30% in 5 years? How are they going to create
3000000 more jobs?


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