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... ensconced far up the Kremlin ass.

So nukes in Belarus?  Nukes in K-grad?
How comforting for the Balts!

What's the problem? Didn't the Baltics go into epileptic convulsion
out of happiness for the news that USA was placing its AMD systems
into Czech R and Poland? Didn't Russia at that time warn that it would
have to balance the situation by placing systems on its Western
border? Didn't NATO In general laugh at that? Didn't one of the brown-
tongued Baltic Presidents or Prime Ministers go so far as beg USA to
put nukes into his/her country?

So, you got exactly what you asked for: the Baltics sitting right in
the middle of the US-Russia nuclear staredown, started by Condy Rice.
Mazel Tov!

For educational purposes only:

From: The Moscow Times

Tuesday, August 28, 2007.
Issue 3730. Page 2.

Belarus May Get Nuclear Weapons Reuters

MINSK -- Russia may consider deploying new nuclear
 facilities in Belarus in response to a U.S. plan for a missile
shield in Eastern Europe, Moscow's ambassador to Minsk
said Monday.  "This depends on the level of our political
integration [with Belarus]," Ambassador Alexander
Surikov said, Interfax reported.

"It also depends on the views of experts, diplomats and the
 military: Is it necessary and possible, when and how? I am
 talking about sites linked to nuclear weapons," he said.

President Vladimir Putin has denounced the U.S. plan to
deploy elements of a missile shield in Poland and the Czech
Republic and has threatened to target missiles on Europe.
Putin has proposed a missile shield in which Russia and
European states could participate alongside the United States.

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko said in July
that Belarus would disregard its economic disputes with
Russia and work closely to resist the U.S. shield.- Hide quoted text -

It's OK what Putka and Luka are doing. Why close friends must not
cooperate also in military field?

Of course. Russia is to Belarus as USA is to Canada. Russians and
Belorussians speak the same language, have the same culture and the
same values. Sure, maybe today Belarus is much more socialist than
Russia. But this will soon change, as Russia is stopping subsidising
Luka's "communism" with almost free oil and gas. Hopefully Russia and
Belarus will re-unify just like West and East Germany or maybe form a
union like EU. Of course, it would be nice if the Russian Presidents
dropped their nasty habit of stealing industry from the current owners
and giving it to their personal friends. Would be nice if the next
President put Putin, Sechin and Co on trial for robbery.

Is Belarus culturally closer to Russia then Ukraine?

Of course. The language of Belarus is Russian, while Ukraine is making
its highest priority to exterminate Russian.

Just thinking
today friendship may be based on cheap energy. Stopping subsidisation
will really hurt Belarus people and give to them bitter emotions
towards Russia

Or this will give Belarusans an extra motivation to re-unite Russia and
get free gas/oil once again.

Recall that Luka was initially elected President on his promise to re-
unite with Russia.


Of course. The language of Belarus is Russian, while Ukraine is making
its highest priority to exterminate Russian.

Heh. As though Russia hasn't successfully brought Belarusian (along
with countless other languages) to the the threshold of extinction.

Don't give me your usual agitprop bull. It is a common practice for
different provinces of the same nation to adjust their provincial
dialects to match that of the capital of the nation. Just look at the
history of France.

Until 12th-13th century Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were one and the
same nation - Rus - and spoke the same language. Then they were dived
up between Mongolia and Poland, the same way that later on Poland was
divided up by Prussia, Russia and Austria.

In the 17th century, they reunited, but the 4 or 5 centuries of being
apart made their languages divert some. After they re-united, their
languages started to re-converge again. So, after 350 years of being
together, these languages have re-converged, borrowing the most from
the dialect of the capital: St Pete and Moscow.

In Belarus that re-convergence is almost complete. In Ukraine it
isn't, for example because Western Ukraine remained foreign occupied
by Austria and Poland until 1940, and retained its language. After
gaining independence, Ukraine chose to converge its local dialects to
match that of Western Ukraine.

In Belarus, afaik, 99% speak Russian (with many Belarusan words thrown
in and with a Belarusan accent). And they are happy with their
language choice. Why? First, because that's the language they think in
and speak in, so who wants to abandon one's own language and converge
to a different dialect?

Second, since the Belarusan dialect stopped developing 350 years ago,
it is outdated. Third, Russian is the language native to some 250
million people, so it supports a very rich culture, with great poetry,
literature, movies, TV. If the Belarusans were to forget Russian, they
would be stuck with a tiny culture, with having to translate almost
all literature and movies and TV.  As you know, people in all ex-USSR
republics much prefer Russian TV over local. Even your friend Aleks
does that, despite being a proud Latvian.

I forgot to give the exact quote from Aleks:

It's really a simple competition. Capitalism, really. Russian TV
offers better and entertaining TV . Even Latvian national TV channels
are flooded with Russian police dramas about as much as they're
flooded with American TV dramas.

Here's an LNT lineup from today. Now that's Latvian TV channel that
broadcasts in Latvian, Henry.

18:02 - Sasisto lukturu ielas, a Russian police drama.
19:00 - Sirdsm Monika, a Latvian remake and adaptation of a US TV
series I Love Lucy
19:40 - Zelta drudzis, a game show
20:00 - LNT zi as, news
20:20 - Sporta un laika zi as. Degpunkt . Sports news and weather
along with criminal news.
20:55 - Zeltra i, an "Easterner" adventure, produced, you guessed it,
in Russia.
22:00 - Sasisto lukturu ielas, a Russian police drama
23:05 - Krievijas krimin lhronika, a Russian police news
23:40 - Mentu kari, a Russian film

And ask yourself as a capitalist, why would a Latvian TV channel be
showing Russian -made programming if it isn't popular?

That's a fact of life, Henry.



Fourth, why abandon the traditional great culture and switch to a
total nothingness. Right now, Belarusans are art of the culture of
Dostoyevsky, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Pasternak, Vysotsky,
Okudzhava, Bunin, Brodsky, Turgenev, Tyutchev, Gogol and hundreds of
other great writers. What retard would want to voluntarily abandon
their own great culture and to revert to a language that has been
dormant for 350 years and hasn't produced any great literary works?
Will Belarusans want to have to resort to translations to read their
classics like Pushkin and Gogol?

Moreover, Belarus and Russia are most likely to form a union along the
EU lines, so why diverge now?

Look, Belarusan and Russian can be viewed as dialects of the same
language - Slavonic - of the old Rus. However, let us consider the
land of some of your favourite people like Maris, Dmitry, Ed Lucas,
etc. The country that all of you tell Russia and Belarus to emulate.
Look at its current colonies - Scotland, Wales, and Ulster. They used
to speak their own languages, totally unrelated to English. Now these
languages are virtually gone due to many centuries of English rule.

Moreover, even the country of (Southern) Ireland, that has succeeded
in gaining independence, still speaks English and has zero chance to
ever switching to Gaelic.

And keep in mind that Gaelic is as different from English as Chinese,
while Russian and Belarusan are slightly diverged dialects of the Rus

But I have never seen you criticize the Brits or demand that Ireland
abandon English.

So funny that you would bandy about the word "extermination" so
freely, Karlamov -- just how does asking an imperial minority to learn
the languages of the free countries it resides in constitute

God.  With you absent for a long time, I have raised the level of my
explanations. Now with you back, I should return to more detailed

You see, I wasn't talking about the extermination of human beings. I
was talking about the extermination of Russian and Surzhik from the
culture of Ukraine.

As it happens, I just touched upon these issues (even including
Belarusian) at my blog --

Sounds amazing. Could you please give the link(s) to your page(s) that
deal with Belarus?- Hide quoted text -

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