Re: US Senators Call For G-7 not G-8

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The USA spent about 1,400 mln$ on Marshall plan aid for W.Germany,
about 3,300 mln$ for UK , about 2,300 mln$ for France. Whatever the UK
& France did for the W.Germany - the US were paying the bills.

While we're talking dollars: Finland and the Baltics did not receive one
cent of aid from any direction. Instead, the Finns had to pay war
reparations (hundreds of millions US$) to the Soviet Union.

Perhaps the fact that they invaded the Soviet Union and prticipated in
the siege of Leningrad had something to do with the matter.

May I repeat your own suggestion further up in this thread:
'Why don't you read some decent history books?'

Participate in the siege of Leningrad was precisely what the Finns did _not_
do, and this is such an old truth that even Leningrad city guides towards
the end of the Soviet era used to mention it when touring the city with
Finnish groups.

On their side of Leningrad, the Finnish troops halted at the old (lawful)
border some 30 km from the city. They did not advance further and they did
not shell Leningrad, and this is why the city survived the German siege.

The Finnish forces, whether you like it or not, participated in a
military cordon and economic blockade of Leningrad. The only way in or
out of the city was across Lake Ladoga. Ergo, they participated in the

As to invading the Soviet Union, well, that's a matter of 'ideology'. I see
now that Henry was right about you.

No, it isn't a matter of ideology. We are not talking about the 'Winter
War' but what was termed the 'Continuation War'. There was no reason to
join Nazi Germany in an attack upon the Soviet Union. Certainly not in
geopolitical terms. Consequently, the allies who sympathised and gave
aid in 1940 were not sympathetic in 1944 and 1945. It was a bad
decision, and Finland paid for it.

Dr. Barry Worthington