Re: Zhirinovskii Now Persona Non-Grata in Ukraine Too

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For educational purposes:

"Deputy Speaker of the Russian State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky has been
declared persona non grata in Ukraine following Konstantin Zatulin. As
a REGNUM correspondent reports, on June 7, Zhirinovsky announced to the
press enthusiastically that he was forbidden the country."

(PS: Regnum is a good source for kremlin propaganda.)

Regnum is indeed the best source for Kremlin propaganda and
"philosophy" (and for translation so bad that it passes into Dadaism
much of the time!), and recently included this amid many a wailing
about the Ukraine and the Russian language:

"Concerning the Russian language, I would like to note that lately I
have visited Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic. Not very
long ago you could easily communicate in Russian in those countries
(including at international conferences, symposiums, negotiations). Now
only few mostly old people speak Russian there."

LOL. This reminds me of an old Weavers' saying:
"The future ain't what it used to be".

Neither is your rat-ass brain.