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Tallinn, the Baltic capital that I know best,

Eugene, from the perspective of a regular visitor, what's the optimal
location for staying in Tallinn in terms of proximity to the old town,
theatre, museums, art galleries, cafes, resturants, transport, etc? I
may drop in over the summer.

It depends on how much money you are willing to spend.

If you want class, excellent service, and are not traveling alone, the
Hotel Viru is hard to beat ( On the other hand, if
you are traveling alone, don't want to pay the single-room markup that
most Tallinn hotels have, and don't need all of the amenities of the Viru,
I would recommend staying at the Reval Express Hotel
( Both hotels are right
outside the Old Town, the Viru is more centrally located with respect to
shopping and the like, while the Express is within easy walking distance,
one long block, of the harbor, and in a quieter milieu. They are both no
more than a ten-to-fifteen minute walk from Raekoja plats, although from
different directions. They are both well served by public transport, even
if most of the main attractions are within easy walking distance of

I seldom stay at hotels when I visit Tallinn, since I either go on a day
trip or stay with friends. The hotel scene is rapidly changing, and I
advise you to consult "Tallinn in your Pocket"
( for the latest news on
hotels, restaurants, and other attractions.

Eugene Holman