Re: New ferry connection Finland-Estonia

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> Eugene Holman wrote:
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> > > On the other hand - why not a dumbo-Finnic forum.
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> > Who's the *kvailys* that is batting 0 for 6 today? Who is the *nej=EAga
> > that has a litany of lies so outrageous that it even makes harlots blush?
> You are, you ersatz new-yorko-helsinforian baboon.

That would be "helsingforsian", nejêga. Without the likes of me this forum
would soon degenerate into a sewer of mendacities, innumeracies,
grotesqueries, misspellings, superstitions, vileness, and ignorance.

> Just get lost.. and take your ersatz alter-ego foreign puppets with
> you.

Would you be kind enough to provide a list of my "ersatz alter-ego foreign