Re: Cel? uz Daugavpils sirdi

lorad474@xxxxxx wrote:
> Peteris Cedrin? (Peteris Cedrins) wrote:
> > lorad474@xxxxxx wrote:
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> > > We Latgalieshie know that we are Latgalians *and* Latvians.
> > > The Latvian nation exists only because we guarded the eastern borders.
> >
> > The eastern borders of Indianapolis, maybe? Why, pray tell, does a
> > Hoosier who purports to be Latgalian and Latvian make two errors in the
> > name of his ostensible people? And I ain't countin' your use of "sh"
> > for "ð"...
> Here and there..
> Some of us Latgaliehie still guard the borders; here, there virtually
> anywhere
> Your raggedy mutant bloodied ass is proof of it.

You're not protecting anything. You're sitting in the U.S. misspelling
the Latvian language. Woooo hoooo, some warrior.

p.s. - Since you obviously have no idea what your errors were...
Latvians don't capitalize the names of people from a region, and "ie"
is an adjective ending, not a noun ending. Thus, the word for "your"
people, which you'd know if you had any pride in your background, is
"latgalies(h)i" and not "Latgalieshie". Latgaliesi do have much to be
proud of. You, not so much.