Re: Livin' in a happy nation.....

vello wrote:

> Dmitry wrote:
> > > >
> > > > Stats suggest that the girls are more inteligent than the boys.
> > >
> > > Not in the traffic (ladies driving, you know:-)).
> >
> > Some insurance companies here are giving discount to ladies, as
> > statistically they make less claims, therefore are safer drivers than
> > men.
> Not in Estonia. I think reason is in small driving experience - up to
> 2000 there was normally just one car per family. Girls jump behind the
> wheel just in last years (and salesmen are happy:-))
> > > > Golfs are very popular (and expensive) in Latvia.
> > >
> > > Hardly Golf is expensive in Riga - compare with prices in Nottingham, I
> > > bet you pay 20-30% more there.
> >
> > I was referring to older cars. 10 year old Golf costs here 30-40% less
> > than in Riga.
> It may be - you have no country with lower incomes to sell your old
> right-hand cars. We had to compete for German rust with folks from
> Poland to Serbia:-)

Yes, but proportion of right-hand cars in Europe is more or less
representative of Britain's share in Europe's population. We also have
many people on low income here, I'm not sure about the proportion in
left-hand world -))

> Don't know for today about Russian legislation, but few years ago 90%
> of cars in easternmost regions of Russia were right-wheels by Russian
> press - old cars from Japan.

Japan is very efficient, not much space for scrap yards there.

> So go and sell your old one in Siberia:-)

Visa to Russia is too expensive. Very long drive too.

> >
> > > Living hell for me, expecially roundabouts.
> >
> > :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Did you ever go through
> > mini-roundabouts (a little blob of white paint in the middle of tiny
> > narrow crossroad?
> Yes I did - in Birmingham or in Ireland, if I remember correctly. But
> for me they are not so confusing coz you take with your eye all that
> small crossroad. btw, most terrible is when driving on empty road for
> some time, forgot where you are - and realize, that car comes in on a
> "wrong" side. In city other cars keep you constantly cautious.

Have you found it difficult that some signs/directions are displayed on
the road surface and you can't read them because there are cars in
front of you? If you are in the wrong lane you may have to spend long
time to get to where you were before.

> >
> > > And you must look for
> > > gearchange with left hand in time you are busy with traffic...
> >
> > Did you bang your right elbow against the door several times?
> Hundreds of times:-))))

If John ever releases his English version of Autolla Baltiassa he
should advice the readers to ware rugby costumes or at least to cover
their left elbows with something soft.


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