Re: Latvian Saeima passes «Marriage ammendment»

Vladimir Makarenko schrieb:

> > Umm, in that case, I can only encourage you to use that handy search
> > function in order to establish that neither have I professed
> > aspirations, nor undertaken obligations, to figure that out--merely
> > stated that that fact is worthy of further examination,--much less to
> > tell something about it to you :)
> >
> That's correct, but you did said something to the effect that you are
> going to have a closer look and said something supposedly ironic that if
> it's true then probably Finnnish model is worth to be copied.

This: "That fact is worth further examination, first to the subject of
whether the figures are comparable, second - how come Fins have come up
something so cleaver [clever] and worthy of emulation, if cost
advantages are indeed confirmed."

as well as the rest of what I have written can be found here:

In other words, you are fantasizing. And your several times manifested
propensity for fantasizing in this as well as other a trivial matters
is precisely the reason you assurances regarding something not so
trivial sound hollow and are not sough after.

> I can assure you *it is true*. However I am interested how you,again
> supposedly familiar with basic math keep yourself away from discovering
> the black magic Finns used to build so effective system? Does it
> something to do with your ideological (i.e. non rational) preferences?