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> > Maybe John have some data in Finland about immigration from Estonia?
> Tere hommikust! There were 14,000 Estonians living in Finland in 2004. The
> number has increased very slowly from 8,500 ten years before. Read more here
> (in English):
> Truth is of course that there are many more Estonians working in Finland on
> a semi-regular basis, but they haven't moved here permanently. It will be
> interesting to see what happens after May 1st, when the two-year clause is
> removed. Without that regulation, the Latvians could have come here instead
> of going to Ireland. Then Peeteris wouldn't have needed to worry, because
> soon enough all the Latvians would happily have returned home...

It's not so simple. Ireland has lower taxes and higher wages. And living
in Ireland is a school for learning English, even if with a delightful
lilt. Relatively few Latvians would prefer to learn Finnish, or even
Finland-Swedish, rather than English, not to mention paying Finnish rather
than Irish taxes on Finnish rather than Irish wages. That's why there are
Finns working at jobs far below their formal qualifications in Ireland,

Eugene Holman