Re: No conspiracy in Lithuanian and Polish co-operation agreement

«Pas de deux» wrote:
> Imbécile! Russia and its stooge Belarus are constantly "co-ordinating
> policy" toward neighbouring Lithuania.....
> (ie planning [in a deluded way] new future invasions...)

Constantly? If you are not lying again, please provide the reference
for your absurd claim above, genius.

Was there actually an offical agreement? Then name of such agreement
and the date, please.

If there was no official agreement, please provide evidence (newspaper,
magazine articles, etc) that Russia and Belarus are "constantly
co-ordinating policy toward neighbouring Lithuania".

Why do idiots think that they can invent any lie they please without
somebody else calling their bluff?

> <vkarlamov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:1125113140.655226.67370@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> «Pas de deux» wrote:
> > Vilnius, Aug 25 (ELTA) - Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas says the
> > agreement between Lithuania and Poland to co-ordinate their policy
> > toward neighbouring Belarus does not mean any conspiracy against that
> > nation.
> >
> I just wonder what bloody hell would have been raised in EU and USA if,
> say, Russia and Belarus announced "the agreement between Russia and
> Belarus to co-ordinate their policy toward neighbouring Lithuania".....


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