Re: Ol' Shitskopf do carry on!

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lorad474@xxxxxx wrote:

> J. Anderson wrote:
> > > henry alminas wrote:
> > >> For educational purposes only:
> > >
> > >> No comments required since it is
> > >> just more of the same ol' russkie
> > >> song and dance.
> >
> > Henry said 'no comments required', but as always Lorad had some
> > comprehension problems and 'commented' unsparingly.
> ???
> I comment as I wish to.

So do we. Including comments on your comments.

> The last time I checked, I still had the right to speak.
> Or have you come bearing new Belgian proscriptions?
> > And boy what comments!
> > I'm sure we're all much wiser now.
> In your case it is probably hopeless; ossification seems to have set
> in.

It's better than your assification.

> Mostly I comment for new readers - so that they can get the truth.

Everybody who reads SCB quickly learns that you are a master of
disinformation, nejêgadom, lies, and klaunishness.

? You deny that the lats-to-the-dollar rate is 0.55.
? You claim that Gothic was a Baltic language.
? You state that *zellis* and *dzirksts* are not words used in current Latvian.
? You claim that Latvia is a Roman Catholic majority country.
? You claim that I have plagiarized English words and expressions that are
in general use from you.
? You claim that SCB is for Balts only.
? You claim that I post under mutliple identities, while being the most
multifarious gaggle of characters in SCB.

The list could go on, but most readers of SCB are aware of your distant
and troubled relationship with the truth.

> > Great to see Statler and Waldorf in full action, sharing 'information'! I
> > wonder if they're sharing Miss Piggy too?
> Leave your momma outta this, please.

We are also aware of your vile penchant for insulting people's mothers.


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