Last wek I was sent to HELL regarding a murder investigation. Guess what? I
met Charles Robert Darwin! He is impressed by Frankie Lee's theory of
evolution nature god and life. Now in Hell Charles had started the
construction of the "Frankie Lee Corrections Center" just beside "George
Bush Corrections Center". The Entire Hell is waiting for your arrival.

I think I will come and meet you in Hell for another murder investigation!

"FRANKIE LEE" <phebelee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Why don't we eat, drink and be merry and after tomorrow we die. We
into thin air. We are like matter. But are we matter?

Do we have a soul? Do we have feelings? Do we have Conscience?

The greatest inspiration and motivation to become a wicked human being,
become a ruthless fellow, is to believe No Accountability of an after

A gangster told me,' the worst type of people, the very evil man are the
beliefs of Atheisms'. They have no regard for God and Devils, and they
regard Authorities.

They live by their own views of what is right and what is wrong.

Non-believers sometimes accuse Christians of threatening them about
punishment in Hell for not believing in Christ. But most religion does
believe in it. One has to decide whether Hell is a fiction or a reality.

.......""Atheisms and Criminals, and all wicked human beings rest their
Darwinism. There is no accountability in every action one does. There is
Judgment in the after-life. All secrets will remain secret. We can do what
we want. There is no
fear to face a Fire-consuming God. Death would end all things, and human
life becomes nothingness. The old and the sick should seek death to end it
all. Euthanasia is a viable option.

Do we you think where the mighty strength, the strongest urge to do evil
does came from? It is from a belief that one will not be caught and there
no price to pay for wrongs done against others.

Betrayals of friends and foes have become a common place, and who not grab
all benefits which the world has to offer just to enrich oneself?

Bully the weak, and keep the strong alive. The beastly idea of the
of the fittest is most logical. Human lives were just a prey for the
mighty.Eat, drink and be
merry. Go ahead and commit adultery; slander, steal and destroy others.

Yea, religion is the opium of the ignorant, and why restraint oneself from
doing what pleases oneself?

Social problems are solved overnight! "".........

But the Bible says it differently. Your eternity hangs on the balance, and
place of eternal torment awaits you, and the cost for negligence is the
highest price where one will live to regret it, and it is for FOREVER.

If human do not have a soul that live forever, I would be early "early" do
the things I like, I want; and fulfill all personal desires, and why be
by the Morals? By the Teachings of God? By His Commandments? By my

***The Demons came upon me in the wee hours last night, and hurl me like a
whirlwind. Like in a surreal dream, in the midst of the storm I pleaded
God for mercies and deliverance like a baby Christian. Demons shriek and
scream at me with their loudest noise I ever heard in my entire life.
in my house were scattered all over, and my doors' lock were broken.
Seemingly my house was forced open and the demons came in like hordes with
rage over the message I send over The Curse of Darwinism.

I open my eyes and check everything, but there was no sign of a storm in
house. I was spinning out of control in the spiritual realm.

Am I afraid of the devils? No. I begin to bind them as my physical senses
return. I realized that I had attack the stronghold of deceptions, and
send in reinforcement by the hordes to withstand those Angels guarding me
all the while. My Angels were push back, and I got into trouble, but
be to God for my cries for reinforcement of Heavenly beings came in to
off those stronger demons.

For we fight not against flesh and blood, but against Powers,
and rulers of the Darkness of this world. Those higher Powers were so
threatened, and I am very glad. And it is all about your well-being that I
bring the truths of God to you so that you would have a good end, and
receive the promise of Lord Jesus Christ, a mansion in Heaven, and for all
time, Eternal Life.

Frankie Lee