NEXT, Aung Ko Win????

This is good news for all of minorities living in Burma and the people
living in Burmese invaded Shan State that two Burmese traders are
single out by US government as blacklists. Actually Aung Thet Mann
and Tayza are Burmese traders and they deserved to receive such kind
of action from our friend in United States of Amreica who fought
against fascist nations worldwide.

How about Aung Ko Win, born in central Burma and sent to Shan State in
1980s to spy on shan people,?

Aung Ko Win stole mineral resources own by shan people to Burmese
Aung Ko Win stole Ruby in Shan State by the support of Burmese
invading forces.
Aung Ko Win rape Shan Women.
Aung Ko Win is the son of Burmese no 2 leader Mg Aye.

How about Mg Aye?

Mg Aye killed Shan people.
Mg Aye rape Shan people.
Mg Aye stole shan natural resources.
Mg Aye broke army leader Aung San's promise by governing Shan Land by
( Aung San promised shan land to be governed by Shan people) ( the
business in Shan State to be done by Shan People).