Re: Don't insult our intelligence

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>GWhyte wrote:
>> Don't insult our intelligence
>> The Bible has many things to teach us about life but it is no substitute for
>> science, Mr Bush, writes Tim Radford
>> Thursday August 11, 2005
>> The Guardian
>Actually, the only intelligence insulted by this article is that of the
>Guardian readership, but they appear to like it, and keep on reading.
>> President Bush has let it be known that he thinks "intelligent design"
>> should be taught in schools, along with and as a balance to, the theory of
>> evolution. Evidence of intelligent design would imply an intelligent
>> designer, or God, as we Catholics call him.
>> What is shocking about the intelligent design
>> argument is that it isn't true and can hardly be honest. It looks, from a
>> distance, like a cynical attempt to introduce a literal version of Biblical
>> teaching into the American school curriculum, against the intention of
>> America's own founding fathers and the US constitution.
>If that is how it looks then the writer is obviously too far away to
>distinguish Creationism from ID, and should stick to what he knows.

Why don't you differentiate it for us? I don't see any difference
between the two. Intelligent design of the universe implies a creator
no matter how you look at it.

There is no conversation that I can have that threatens my reality and I
don't see how anyone can live with such a precarious state of mind.
God isn't the problem, religion is. Something that doesn't exist
can't really be a problem. Worshiping something that doesn't exist
is an entirely different subect.