Re: The dust settles on London

On 9 Jul 2005 07:15:45 -0700, "Karl" <karlpet@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Londoners are resilient and proud of our diverse society. The immediate
>condemnation by Muslim groups and individuals was important and timely,

When I see moderate moslems storming radical mosques around the world
and shutting them down, then I'll be impressed.

>and our left wing Mayor Ken Livingstone (possibly Britain's most
>popular politician) was quick to embrace all Londoners in his
>condemnation. Where the racist backlash does come, it won't be here,
>but in the more backward parts of middle England.

It's racist for Brits to question why they are importing Islam into
their nation? Why they are bringing large numbers of people into their
nation that are incompatible with their values and way of life? If I
were a Brit, I'd be worried as well. The culture that produced
Shakespeare, Gainsborough and the Beatles is being replaced by one
that believes in strapping bombs to their body and blowing up
civilians in the name of Allah. It even sounds odd to be to hear these
suicide bombers referred to as "British" when they have more in common
with Osama Bin Ladin than they do with those in the country they grew
up in.

>As the dust settles, the initial defiant shrug of British shoulders is
>now being replaced by anger. London has experienced bombings by
>Zionists, Nazis, Palestinians, Irish Nationalists, Irish Loyalists and
>far-right nutcases, among others. We know what attracts terrorism. We
>know what makes these dumb murderers hate us and want to kill us. Three
>words sum this up.
>Empire spawns Terrorism.

Those terrorists are FROM England. What empire explains the killings
done by radical Moslems in Nigeria, the Phillipines, Sudan or

Like a typical leftist, not one word of condemnation for Islam.