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On Jun 29, 5:48 pm, Carom <mary.con...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
She should only retake it if the colleges she wants to go to have an
average SAT score for their admitted students that is significantly
above hers.  Also, consider having her take the ACT
( rather than the SAT for a third time.  In my
experience, a lot of kids get psyched out by the "SAT" more than the
"ACT" because SAT is what they're always hearing and worrying about.
The vast majority of colleges accept the ACT just as they do the SAT
(you may want to double check with schools on her list just to make
sure they're in that majority).  Also, you may want to consider taking
a look at some of the schools out there that do not required
standardized test scores at all. Here's a list:

Keep in mind that grade inflation runs rampant even at schools where
they say it doesn't, and that standardized test scores are widely
regarded as a BS measure of one's academic abilities.  Very few of the
ways this process quantifies kids are fair or accurate.  Also, keep in
mind that while no high test scores will get you into a college (think
of how many dozens of 2400 kids are rejected from top schools every
year), having low ones might keep you out.  Therefore the attitude to
have is that you just want to aim to have scores that won't keep you
OUT of the schools in which you're interested. Take a look at the
schools in which she's interested, get a sense for  their averages,
and develop a strategy (perhaps with a tutor) to meet those averages.
And if it just doesn't happen--and it might not--simply explain in her
applications that she's not a tester, make sure she has strong teacher
recommendations, solid heartfelt essays, and help her put her best
foot forward in all the other areas of her application process.

Good luck!

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Hi all. First time posting here.

I can't understand the discrepancy between my daughters academic
grades, and her poor SAT scores. She blames it on getting nervous.

She has a GPA of 3.627, is in the Nat Hon Society, and always gets
honors. The school is a very good HS called Bergen Tech for Bergen
County NJ.

She told me she does not want to take the test a 3rd time because it
looks bad.

Below are her scores. Is it advisable to put her through some intense
tutoring and have her take it again?

Any help is appreciated.



06/2008 SAT Reasoning Test
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  Critical Reading 510
  Math 450
  Writing 480

05/2008 SAT Subject Test
  Biology M 460
  Spanish 640
  U.S. History 540

03/2008 SAT Reasoning Test

  Critical Reading 450
  Math 460
  Writing 490- Hide quoted text -

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Thank you so much for your time.

Yes, I've been hearing this a lot. There are so many factors in the
final decision.

She definately is not a good tester. In a way, I have finished
professional tests that I don't even bother to proofread before I hand
it in. I start to get desperate after 30mins have gone by.

Thank God that nowadays the tests are all computerized.

Thanks again!