Re: varimax rotation code


No problem. Just send me an email to


from an email address that can accept a zipfile of several hundred K
mentioning the factor stuff. I can then reply with the files attached.


Mike - EMAIL IGNORED wrote:
I would be most happy to receive these.

On Fri, 30 Jun 2006 05:03:02 -0700, optionstraderjeff wrote:


I have well-tested code for several factor rotations (Varimax, H-K
Orthoblique, Oblisim, and Primary Product Functionplane) and would be
happy to share it. It is, however, in Fortran, but may easily be
converted to C. If you use gcc for your C/C++ code, you can even
compile the Fortran code with g77 and then call the Fortran functions
from C or C++ avoiding the need for translation.

By the way, Harris-Kaiser Orthoblique, Oblisim, and PPFP are among the
best methods so far developed (far better than those, like Promax, that
appear in most stats packages) for oblique rotation. Varimax, we are
all agreed, is king when it comes to orthogonal rotations.


Mike - EMAIL IGNORED wrote:
Does anyone know where I could find code for
the varimax rotation, preferably in C++ or
in C, but I could translate from another
language if necessary.

Thanks for your help,