Difficult DOE Design - Help

I'm having trouble coming up with a DOE design using Stat-Ease's Design
Expert software for this unusual design. If anyone can offer advise,
I'd appreciate it. This is a combination of mixture, numeric, and
catagorical factors that have certain constraints. There are 2
components I want to mix, A and B. "A" will either be 95% or 100%,
nothing in the middle. And correspondingly, B will either be 5% or 0%.
The numeric process factor C will be one of 3 levels (high, medium or
low). There are 2 catagorical factors related to the 2 mixture
components. Factor A will be from 1 of 3 suppliers. And factor B will
be from 2 suppliers. The problem I'm having is that when factor B is
at 0%, there should be no supplier for it. I can't seem to make this

Any ideas how to set this up so it works properly?

Thanks, Steve


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