Chicxulub was too early? What about Iceland?

Could it be that Willy Ley was right after all?

In his 1969 book "Another Look at Atlantis," a collection of essays
from Galaxy Science Fiction magazine, he posits that Iceland,
which is itself about 65 million years old, may have been formed
when a large object impacted the Earth. Ley is the first person
on record, as far as I know, to suggest a meteorite impact could
have led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

It is a bit suspicious that Iceland also happens to sit on or near
the mid-Atlantic rift, but who knows...?

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|More Evidence Chicxulub Was Too Early
|Boulder, Colo. - A new study of melted rock ejected far from the
|Yucatan's Chicxulub impact crater bolsters the idea that the famed
|impact was too early to have caused the mass extinction that killed the
|dinosaurs 65 million years ago. ...