Re: Are you NOT good at networking?

On May 7, 4:58 am, Marcos Martinez Sancho <noem...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
phil scott <p...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> dixit:

networking the way Ive seen it done for the most part involves tit for
tat recommendations... and those are seldom good fits...

Networking depends on social skills. If your social skills are poor, then
you're in trouble.

Part of being a good employee is having good social skills. If you
don't have them, you may be one of the sh*tbirds who causes no end of
troubles in the work place.

On the other hand, real 'networking'... is not called that... it is
simply friends who refer each other from time to time or when needed,
but they were friends first and foremost...

That's been called nepotism since the times of the Romans.

No. Nepotism has a very distinct definition. That is not "nepotism."