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Just what DaveJensennever likes to talk about, or admit is part of real

Art, thanks for picking on me again. I always love it when you do
this, because it gives me the opportunity to step in and correct you.
Here's a couple of links that may educate you, Art, on what a job in
industry would be like. Many articles below on this subject you are
discussing. In fact, while no one LIKES to see failure, working on a
failed project gives you the opportunity to practice your political
skills (yes, they are necessary) and also to gain some much-needed
project management exposure which can really pay off later.

My articles for the AAAS on this topic, and others, can be found at,
and my articles from many journals have been rounded up recently at
this site,, and click on the "Articles"

I can wholeheartedly recommend over anything you ever dealt with. But, thanks for coming in and trolling off people from HERE to THERE.