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I forgot one more, see below....

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you don't like the terms "chance" or "circumstance", then

yeah -if colonization is included in circumstances, you could say so.

what remains is that your country was colonized was due
to mistakes by it's leadership that allowed it to be weaker
than the colonizing power. As I recall the history, at the
time India was composed of a number of independently
ruled states which undoubtedly weakened it, but that's no
excuse. Wise leaders would have realized the problem

The concept of a country never existed in India. Nationalism is a
19th-20th century phenomenon which eliminated tribal/ethnic territorial
boundaries -not just in India, but the world over.

Its funny that as we have these discussions I am sometimes simultaneously at
a point in reading my Will Durant's "Story of Civilization" (I am finishing
up volume 4 [of 10 volumes]) and just about that time Kamal makes some
statement that is untrue. "...but the world over" is untrue; several
countries, including what is now England and others in Europe, were discussed
by Durant as being formed into a nation as early as 1000 AD. Boundaries were
sometimes in dispute, and sometimes a country changed names and systems. But
there were nations before 19th century.

I forgot, 1776, the formation of the USA. 18th century (is before 19th

But later 18th century. :-)

wasn't it about 1970 or so when the california resistance came to an

What are you talking about?

Yours is an immigrant country in the new world. The old world is a
bit different and a lot more about tribal/ethnic identities.


If the Old World is different, it is not because of tribal/ethnic
identities per se since those exist in the New World. Ask