50 Watt Thermonuclear Fusion?


I have carried out another experiment and this video appears to show about
50 watt of fusion power directly converted to electrical power:


The output radiated power increases as the VSWR increases' indicating that
power is developed in the gas.

Inside the tube is hydrogen gas at 1E-4 Tor. The reaction converts hydrogen
to helium and releases power by fusion of light nuclei. Gamma photons appear
to be generated. The counter does not distinguish x-rays from gamma rays. It
does not detect alpha or beta from that direction. I have no means of
detecting neutrons.

I interpret the experiment as a demonstration of fusion power.

Experiment carried out at about 9:30 pm 11 December 2009.

(Excess power = 100 x 45/35 - 100= 28 watt but when the exciter dropped to
80 watt the output power was sustained for a while making 48 watt

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