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Why aren't AC terminals coaxial? three nested leads, two faseis.
Screwdrivers and noise can't get in; fingers can't be splitt open;
plugs don't need keying.

Back on the ward computer I see. I hope you will be feeling better

Cretin liar.

1. Coaxial connectors do exist but are expensive to make compared to
stamped conventional ones.


2. "three nested leads" implies triax cable. Way too expensive for
power. Did you mean three nested terminals?

No, and how do you know its cost?

3. "Faseis" is only a word in your mind.

a word in Hellènic, soloicist shit-wit

4. screwdrivers CAN get in.

no, mini screwdrivers

5. "splitt" is spelled (spelt, for you) with only one t in muttish.

Why do you even bother with tenses and declensions?

6. Without keying plug can rotate and work loose easier.


7. stick to things you are good at, like new formulas for E = mc^2
8. Loon. (but a TRUE loon, unlike most of the accusations around here
for political purposes)

I am not a duck.

I think he means a plug similar to a phono plug with left/right and common-
not done for several good reasons including some that you mention. His
inability to communicate in what the rest of the world considers to be the
English language does present a problem.

I am not a he either, blind dolt retard. And English has been dead
for 1000 years. You speak either Einglish or Standard, none of which
are literate.