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Would there be war without religion

Why not? in 25 words or less

Unfortunately wars come very low down on the list of reasons for human
deaths. Last time I checked wars accounted for 0.4% of human
mortality. Cars take out at least five times that number!

Eugene L Griessel

The Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 killed more people than WW1.


ha ha ha...seems Griessel is trying to show war ain't no big
thing...hardly anyone gets killed.


Oh, plenty of people have always gotten killed by wars! It's just that
in the past it's been due more to the indirect effects, such as disease,
famine, economic disruption, etc., than to the direct effects of weapons
on the soldiers involved! It can still easily be the case!

I see from Quim's highly intellectual argument just why Coldine U is
not in the forefront of academic research. I am of course merely
using WHO statistics for the last 30 years - undoubtedly the idiot
professor has better data? However it is pointless challenging him to
reveal his sources as he has slimed his way out of any such challenge

But lets put some numbers to my claims - take the year 2000 (I just
happen to have the WHO data handy). 56 554 000 people died. (Given
the vagaries of data collection one hardly need state that this, and
all figures, is a rough approximation).

Communicable diseases killed 18 374 000
Non-communicable diseases killed 33 077 000
Road accidents killed 1 194 000
Drowning killed 403 000
War killed 230 000 or 0.4% of the total deaths.

In fact of the 5 103 000 who died "violently" on earth from all
reasons (fires, suicides, household accidents, etc) war managed to
kill fewer than 5%.

The forum is open to your alternate statistics Quim - if you have the
courage to post anything other than the infantile name-calling you
currently indulge in. Perhaps you might like to take up a crusade
against motor vehicles? Or swiming? Or any other asinine cause?

Eugene L Griessel

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

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