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Would there be war without religion

Why not? in 25 words or less

ACW, WWI, War of the Pacific, American Revolutionary War,


And, coming soon to an underdeveloped region near you, water!

Ah yes, the first cause of wars! That's why the Kurds don't have
their own
country - they're sitting on top of oil and water. Oil, water, and
don't mix!


If there is no reason for a war, man will invent one. We fight wars
because we like to fight them, and we are good at fighting them
because we fight them so often. Our species must control our
population. Most of our predators have been destroyed or controlled,
including the spread of virus predators. Without War we would be
eating each other very soon.

Unfortunately wars come very low down on the list of reasons for human
deaths. Last time I checked wars accounted for 0.4% of human
mortality. Cars take out at least five times that number!

Eugene L Griessel

Giving money and power to government is like
giving booze and cars to teenage boys.