Re: To all Veterans of all nations...

On 11/12/2011 8:05 PM, Keith W wrote:
Paul F Austin wrote:

To be brutal about it, the losses from eight years of war in the
Sandbox (about 47,000 total) show exactly why an expert army pays off
in fewer casualties. In the two years of USian involvement in the
first half of World War, the US suffered 320,000 casualties, nearly
seven times as many as the GWOT's eight years. In the four years of the
second half
of World War, US casualties totaled one million, about twenty times as
many. In Vietnam, over four and a half times casualties.

You don't the calibre of the opposition might have been a factor
there do you ?

The Wehrmacht and Imperial Japan were rather more numerous, better
led and had equipment that was equal to or superior to that of the US Army
in 1942 and 1943.

The caliber of the opposition did play a role although the Japanese in terms of troop numbers and equipment didn't play in the same league as the US. Training (at least in 1942) of Japanese troops was brutal but very effective but equipment was for crap. Pretty much all the Japanese Army's equipage was second rate (the exception being aircraft). Japanese army logistics were also criminally bad. In terms of numbers, Japanese army troops were deployed mostly in China. My point remains that American arms followed a consistent trajectory throughout our history of low competence in the beginnings of _all_ our wars. Until DS.