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Rodman cast his guns, and then cooled them from the inside out.
as a result his guns are always creating pressure in and firing the
guns actually releaves the pressure on the barrel.

They were a magnificent example of casting but an evolutionary dead end
when it came to gun development. IIRC the ratio of projectile weight to
gun weight was inferior to European guns of the same period. However
generally speaking in this period the US was technically behind Europe
in general when it came to naval construction. In fact this was probably
the case as late as 1918. The Lexington class got turbo-electric
machinery because the gear cutting ability required for geared turbines
of that power did not exist.

The Rodmans were 1860s guns and state of the art for their time.
as they were land based weight wasn't an issue.
being smoothbore was not ideal for the future but the guns were safe and