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We have, in these parts, an "archaeologist" - I use the term rather
loosely. He is a Czech if I remember correctly. He contends that
virtually everything in Africa is evidence of Indian settlement here -
dating back thousands of years. He is a forceful speaker, seductive
in his oratory and can see all sorts of things in something simple
like a slightly odd rock which he might contend is evidence of the
Indian gold mining industry in Africa. He seems himself as a lone
voice against a conspiratorial establishment. He has lots of
everything - except any convincing evidence. I don't doubt that he is
not unique. One of those people who has a theory and goes around
trying to find evidence to fit it. Whereas everyone else finds
evidence and then builds a theory.

Eugene L Griessel

We call that Ohmygolligee and it's run by arkeologists