Re: Battleship Vanguard offered to Chile in 1959

KDR wrote:
Britain's last battleship HMS Vanguard was offered to Chile along with
three Jamaica class cruisers and six Battle class destroyers in 1959.

28. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in the United

Washington, December 4, 1959?8:34 p.m.

4410. Department increasingly concerned seemingly indiscriminate offer
naval vessels by UK to LA countries in disregard economic drain and
danger armaments race, increasing tensions. We refer immediately to
Peru-Chile situation, also affecting Ecuador, Argentina, etc.
Therefore request you approach Foreign Office along following lines:

(1) We have recent reports following UK sales or offers: (a) cruiser
Newfoundland sold to Peru and cruiser Ceylon reportedly sold (Peruvian
Embassy informed us December 1 of latter purchase, one week after
conveying GOP?s categorical assurance there would be no purchase
second cruiser, although now reported may have been secretly purchased
same time as first); (b) battleship Vanguard, 3 Jamaica class cruisers
and 6 Battle class destroyers offered to Chile; (c) Peruvian report
cruiser Ceylon offered to Ecuador and possibly Chile which GOP gives
as excuse Peruvian purchase; (d) three Battle class destroyers offered
to Argentina.


Considering the scale of American arms sales to South American
countries during this period a certain amount of hypocrisy is clearly
present. It was the US that sold the cruisers Phoenix and Boise
to the Argentine navy as well as a numner of Fletcher, Gearing
and Sumner class destroyers and 4 submarines as well as a bunch
of A-4 Skyhawks

When it comes to the Chilean Navy they were quite happy to
supply a couple of Brooklyn Class cruisers as well as Fletcher
and Sumner class DD's