Re: Mystery surrounds hijacked Iranian ship

Fred J. McCall wrote:
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:Fred J. McCall wrote:
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:> :So it most certainly is persistent. And imagine in such a warm climate, :> :with sweaty skin.....ouch.
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:> :> No, it is not persistent. Nothing you said indicates that it is.
:> :> Do you even know what 'persistent' means?
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:Well Fred you snipped this: " Persons who have had contact with CS :sometimes develop allergic contact dermatitis,[9] even with blisters and :crust.[10][11] Studies show that most of the effects are of a relative :short term, but individuals notice some mild effects even after months.[12]"

Ah, but that has nothing to do with whether the agent is persistent
(would linger in spaces) so that they could get exposed in the first

So we see that you do not know what 'persistent' means.

:I suppose I was referring to persistent effects whereas you mean :persistent as in sticking around? Being a solid with a melting point of :93C, CS is reasonably stable. Now if it is dispersed in a solvent,and :exposed to moisture, then yes, it will degrade eventually.

I mean persistent in the usual sense that one uses the word when
talking about chemical agents. Many nerve agents are not persistent
but the effect of them (death) certainly is.

On that Fred, we agree!