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Who Will Be The Oldest Living Vietnam Veteran?

Last week the oldest (known) living WW1 veteran received a heroes honor at the
White House, courtesy of a president who dodged the Vietnam War era draft to
avoid war duty but who defeated two Vietnam War veterans for the presidency...
courtesy of many Vietnam vets hostile to the Democrat Party, like the Swift
Boaters, who voted against their own.

Sometime in the very near future the White House under a future president will
bestow honors on the oldest living WW2 vet [Ref #1] and oldest living Korean War
vet. (WW2 and Korean War veterans are dying at a rate of 1,000 per day... (the
VA estimates).

The youngest Vietnam War veteran is probably about 51 years old... that is... if
we assume that an 18 year old served in Operation Frequent Wind [Ref#2], the
last Vietnam War Campaign in 1975. This means it might be another 50 to 60 years
before the oldest living Vietnam War vet cashes in his chips. (The oldest living
WW1 vet honored last week is 107 years old.) The VA estimates that approximately
one-third of the 3.2 million Americans who served in Vietnam are alive today.

As for myself... I, personally, plan to be the oldest living Vietnam War
veteran... although I fully acknowledge that I may have a wee bit of competition
from other Vietnam vets who want to outlive me. But, thankfully, I won't have to
worry about competition from the 500,000 or so Vietnam veterans who are either
receiving or seeking PTSD payments from the VA that help them to live sedentary
lives in front of their TV sets. I plan to remain personally and politically
active until the day I drop. I have always believed that my surviving Vietnam,
as I watched comrades I served with die all around me, that God kept me alive
for a purpose... and that purpose was not to go on welfare but to keep fighting
and fighting and fighting... but when I die a long, long time from now, I have
instructed my family to bury me with a duplicate set of my medals pinned on my

REFERENCES (Here are some relevant links I found):

#1. Searching For America's Oldest Living Military Veterans Project

#2. Vietnam War Combat Campaigns

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According to world health statistics, the average life expectancy for
Americans is decreasing. The average life expectancy is now 69 years
old for a male. Something to think about in determining who would be
the oldest vietnam veteran.