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Ray O'Hara wrote:

Che became a pop culture icon, never even being a very successful
revolutionary (and soon sent on his way by Fidel who saw him as less
dangerous deployed away from Cuba). The mistake was in publicizing
his death. Better to fail to identify him and leave the remains for
the creeping critters of the forest (Burying simply preserves
evidence and
while leaving him for the beetles and 'coons soon destroys and
distributes all but unidentifiable fragments).

I don't think they ever found his body. Who has his hands now?

I suspect the CIA was less responsible for his end than some would
claim, since that organ of the state would have liked to have him
around for "questioning", although what to do with him alive would
have been inconvenient.

In "Legacy of Ashes" the author said the CIA agent had a lot of
trouble keeping him alive as long as he did. They did want to keep him
for questioning.

As for numbers, if you add quantities lost by omission to those of
commission, Uncle Joe and Mao probably lead the list, but when you're
dealing in millions, what's a few zeros among historians making

What's the difference between a minute and a 24-hour day? A few
zeroes, three in fact. Quite a difference! But I'm know you're being
snide, like someone else I know. ;-)

che' became a t-shirt icon because he took a really cool picture.

I never have understood what was cool about Che, and why he was a
chick magnet. Why didn't Fidel ever succeed? It would make about as
much sense.


che' just looks like a evolutionary should look like.
that he was totally incompetent at anything beyond small guerilla raids is
the reason he was in bolivia was because he was a disaster in the cuban
government as the "minister of transportation.
i'll wager castro was quite happy as any when che' became a matyr


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