Re: Oldest Preserved Dreadnought era Battleship

Givne that 'battle line' tactics were accepted and were driving design by
the time _Vasa_ was built (they were introduced in iiRC the 2nd or 3rd
action in the 1st Anglo-Dutch war) she's the oldest surviving 'line of
battle ship', even if the term wasn't in use during her alarmingly brief
career. _Victory_ is merely the oldest to have never spent time under
water, despite the best efforts of a two-and-a-half with a destroyer in
the 1920s..

The Vasa was lost in 1628, the first Anglo-Dutch war started in 1652. So she
predates battle-line tactics by almost a generation. Not that she could not
have been quite useful in a battle-line - many ships of her generation
turned out to be superbly suited for it, the three-deckers Prince Royal and
the Sovereign of the Seas among them - but melee tactics was the norm when
she was built.