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We obviously belong to the same generation.

"And we will never see its like again...." Which may not be a bad
thing, but then again....

I recommend "Raw Spirit" by
Iain Banks to you, not only for the obvious reasons (it's about whisky and
travelling around Scotland)

I'm familiar with this work, and have been travelling around Scotland
myself very recently. On foot on the winter hills; yes, I am
approximately crazy. Thank you, Gore-Tex and Global Warming, for making
this possible.

but also because the author shares the common
memories of assembling nasty study and making it go BANG.


I shared many of
the same experiences. Including the one of trying to impress fellow 10yos
by hoiking a 2lbr pom-pom round (extracted from my one of my grandmother's
tin trunks, stored in the outhouse) from a window. Guess what: whining
splinters everywhere[1].

Now that's cheating, Andy.

I do, with hindsight, wonder why she wanted to
bring 10 live graze-nose AA rounds back as mementoes from Mess-Pot in '24 - or
from my memories of her, maybe I don't.

Doubtless she considered that they might come in handy some day. More
usually a male-squirrel sort of thing to do, but when women take up
this sort of nonsense they tend to do it in spades.

I later took a clip of 0.303" from
the same trunk in to school - maybe for a show-and-tell, I forget.
/Definitely/ a mistake, whatever the reason..

An acquaintance of mine was expelled from the local Senior Secondary
for bringing a .303 round to metalwork class, clamping it in a vice and
hitting the blunt end with a hammer. Bullet went more or less where
pointed, but he'd forgotten about brass splinters and the local
Casualty Department had some interesting minor injuries to deal with.

Sometimes I wonder how I survived.

Your wonderment is shared by this party, who is still sometimes
astonished to find himself in possession of two eyes and ten fingers.