Re: colored sailors in US-Subs

Max Richter wrote:
Hallo and Happy New Year to All,

i just saw an WW2 Navy-Propaganda-Film called silent service at the
German TV.
Now to my question: there were colored sailors on bord of an submarine
called Trigger.

I was under the impression that colored seamen where only on bigger
vessels like cruisers and above as
officervalets or cooks in the time of WW2.

Was it common to have colored servicemen on smaller vessels and with
other task then servants and cooks ?


Black Submariners In The United States Navy, 1940-1975 (Hardcover)
by Glenn A. Knoblock, Melvin G., Jr. Williams (Foreword)

List Price: $45.00

Product Description
For as long as an American naval force has existed, black sailors have
served it with bravery, distinction, and little or no recognition. They
have since earned praise for service in the American Revolution, the
War of 1812, and the Civil War, and more recently, they were integral
to the development of the U.S. Submarine Service. Their roles limited
by segregation, black submariners nonetheless were a key element of the
Silent Service throughout World War II. With desegregation came
expanded opportunities, and black submariners witnessed the birth and
evolution of the nuclear-powered submarine, and some of the tensest
moments of the Cold War. These men paved the way for those who
followedtheir contributions deserve recognition, and their stories
deserve to be told. This exploration of the role of African American
submariners chronicles their service from World War II through the Cold
War era. An historical overview of black sailors and the evolution of
the Stewards Branch, to which black sailors were eventually
restricted, precede descriptions of becoming a steward and a
submariner, and of life as a submariner during World War II. An account
of black submariners in post-war service during desegregation, the
development of the nuclear submarine, and throughout the Cold War
follows. Oral histories of over fifty black submariners who served in
World War II and post-war form the heart of the book. Photographs of
the men profiled, including wartime photographs, complement the text.
Appendices outline the naval steward rating system, list all black
submarine stewards serving in World War II, top stewards by number of
war patrols, and those lost or killed during wartime service. Rear
Admiral Melvin G. Williams, Jr., submarine fleet commander and son of
one of the men profiled, provides a foreword.

Books about the USS Mason

Proudly We Served:
The Men of the USS Mason
by Mary Pat Kelly

This book tells the story of these brave African-American men and their
contributions to the Allied victory. Their success had a direct impact
on President Harry S Truman's decision to integrate all of America's
armed forces after the war.
Hardcover, 220 pages
List price $15.95

Better Than Good:
A Black Sailor's War, 1943 -1945
Author Adolph Newton became one of the very few African Americans
to serve in the general enlisted ranks rather than as a mess attendant.
In this intense, long-overdue memoir, he describes his life as a black
seaman on an integrated warship, explaining how he dealt with
discrimination and personal freedom and how, despite the difficulties,
he developed a lasting affection for the Navy.
Hardcover, 208 pages
List price $28.95

On Board the USS Mason:
The World War II Diary of James A. Dunn
Hardcover, 130 pages
With the launching of Subchaser 1264 in the spring of 1944, the
U.S. Navy began a social experiment designed to test the ability of a
group of African Americans to live, fight, and survive under wartime
conditions on a small combatant. At the time blacks served only as
messmen in the navy, but ships were being built faster than men could
be trained so the navy desperately needed manpower.
List price $16.95

Doris Miller: A Silent Medal of Honor
by Vicki Gail Miller
Biography of Doris Miller, an African-American sailor from Waco, Texas,
who survived the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, defended his
ship, and rescued several crewmen. (Played by Cuba Gooding Jr. in the
film Pearl Harbor)
List Price $15.95