Re: [Slightly OT] A little bit of bragging

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Hello everyone,

I know that I owe Gavin a response to his latest post about fascism;
sorry, just feeling tired and lethargic right now. I'll get to it later
in the week, I hope.

Indeed, indeed. I am struggling (three drafts saved, none of them worth
a damn) to make a proper contribution there myself. Monday's my best
reasonable hope, too much garbage happening in Real Life tomorrow.

But, today I got my author's copies of _Space Chronicle_ p

<snippaggio of excellent news>

Haven't read his post yet, but I see that Paul is downthread and may
try to piggyback on to his words of, might as well call it wisdom.

(the three of us being among the quite large minority on this group
who have actually met each other in, er, the flesh)

I will struggle to find your piece and read it, Chris. Even if it
costs me forty g b p.

It will be full of head-scratching honesty, good sense and
intelligence, three related but different things and the three burdens
you are doomed to carry through life. :) or as you will. God will
love you for this, or so the Almighty assures me when we are in
contact, but a lot of people won't.

Sod 'em.

Oh, private email if you are up to it. Remember that bad newsgroup
stuff three years ago? It's back. Yup, that one.

"The past resembles the future as water resembles water" Ibn Khaldun

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