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I recall reading, a couple of years ago, an argument in "Warship" that
the Leander class frigates must be included amongst the World's Worst
Warships. Cannot recall the details too well - and am too lazy to dig
the publication out right now - but the argument went along the lines
that it had poor seakeeping, habitability and endurance and was

Poor //seakeeping//? WTF were they comparing it with? I've always
seen it ranked with the Canadian frigates of the same period as
amongst the best ever, and its seakeeping abilities were regarded
so highly by the RN that the T22 hull was virtually a Leander to
120% scale.

I rode a type 12 hull in some hairy conditions down in the roaring
forties and it seemed to do OK - but that's just my opinion. We even
flew off our parrafin budgie in conditions that a large rebel colonial
bird farm refused to launch theirs in. Given that their refusal may
just have incited the suicidal tendencies of our boys - I recall she
was swinging through near on 90 degrees at the time and the Wasp was
fixed to the deck by a quick release device, straining against it
until we came close to upright and the deck officer pressed the tit to
release her. Getting her aboard again was just as exciting and
laxative! The sea was coming over the flight deck with each roll!

Eugene L Griessel

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